Old-School Table-Top Gaming That Caters
To The Lowest Common Denominator!


The most ambitious game in Barrow Games history has arrived!  Return to the horror on board the ill-fated deep space cargo ship Nostromo, in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse; as you try to keep the crew alive against the nightmare of The Alien.

Everything you need to start playing right away can be found here.  The game rules are easy to learn, you'll be up and playing in no time.  Simply print, assemble, and play! 

And who knows?  Maybe some extra goodies will show up later on down the road...

All things ALIEN (c) and (tm) 20th Century Fox.  This game is an unofficial fan-made game, and should not be considered official in any manner.  Barrow Games is not affiliated, authorized, or recognized by 20th Century Fox in any way.  No copyright infringement is intended or implied.